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Illustrate 5.7 Torrent

our first measurement result is a global view of bittorrent and suprnova. first of all, we found that the bittorrent protocol is not only suitable to upload large files (over 1gb) to a single host, but also for streaming media to a single host. in addition, we found that the upload is significantly faster than the download, and that the ratio of upload to download is between 5 and 10. our second measurement result is a detailed view of the bittorrent protocol. we measured the download bandwidth from a single peer to a single host. we found that each download is carried by a large number of peers (20-30). for many files, peer bandwidth is roughly the same as host bandwidth, and peer coverage (fraction of peers that we actually find) is close to 100 per cent. for other files we found that peer bandwidth is about 20 times smaller than host bandwidth. we found that for such files the peer coverage is between 5 and 10 per cent. in addition, we measured the bandwidth of the peers that are transferring a file, and found that they are responsible for 90 per cent of the download bandwidth. a third result is the bandwidth of peers that are downloading a single file. it is about 10 times smaller than the bandwidth of a typical peer, and close to host bandwidth.

Illustrate 5.7 Torrent

our fourth measurement result is a detailed view of the peer selection performed by the bittorrent protocol. we found that the peer selection is done by a new type of algorithm, called a peer selection scheme. we measured the peer selection schemes used for downloading single files. we found that most peers are selected by a one-by-one algorithm, while a smaller fraction is selected by a one-by-ten algorithm, and a very small fraction is selected by a one-by-100 algorithm. we also found that the different peer selection schemes are used in different situations. we found that a one-by-one algorithm is most common for newly created peers, which are connected to a trackers that are not currently hosting a file, while a one-by-ten algorithm is most common for the peers that are downloading a single file.

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