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Subtitle Terminator Salvation High Quality

Flash forward to 2018, fourteen years after the artificial intelligence known as Skynet nearly destroyed all of mankind during "Judgment Day." During an attack on a Skynet base where he is the only survivor, John Connor (Christian Bale) uncovers Skynet's plans for a new advanced terminator. After reporting his findings to his commander, General Ashdown (Michael Ironside), Connor learns the resistance may also have found a chink in Skynet's armor and is preparing to launch an offensive.

subtitle Terminator Salvation

Admittedly, there are things to like in 'Terminator Salvation.' The terminator designs once again by Stan Winston Studios look fantastic and even the pre-T800 models are pretty cool with their rougher, primitive craftsmanship. It was nice to finally get a deeper look within Skynet's operations and the little nods to the previous films were great (although sneaking in the same Guns n' Roses tune from 'T2' was overkill). I even thought the casting was decent. Bale oozes the charisma necessary to pull off a born leader. Some have criticized him for being too "wooden" as Connor, but I actually thought his take was accurate, aside from the grizzled Batman-voice slip ups. Understandably, the younger version of the character in 'T2' had more personality and a sense of humor, but after what he's been through it makes sense that it's all withered away. Everything his mother preached has come true, human civilization has nearly been wiped off the face of the earth, and Youtube still hasn't taken down that damn rant remix! Can you blame the guy for being cold? I also think it helps retain the mirroring element with Connor becoming emotionless like a machine or his mother, while Marcus on the other hand is the one who grows the most as he struggles with the revelations from his past. It's really Worthington's show all the way, and it's his performance that is the most interesting in the film.

Unfortunately as I mentioned earlier, the biggest hindrance of 'Terminator Salvation' is that McG glosses over the "heart," which is kind of ironic once you actually see the film. The action sequences are excessive, and some seem like they are just there to go through the motions--as terminators often pop up without generating any fear, tension, or excitement--feeling more like something from a mild amusement park ride than a futuristic war zone. I was also put off by the whole harvester terminator segment, as it really wasn't thought out well at all. How on earth can something that makes Optimus Prime look like a munchkin sneak up on a gas station in the middle of nowhere? I mean, even if the humans weren't smart enough to keep a lookout when they know the area is crawling with deadly things, surely they can hear an enormous mass of machinery stomping along from a mile away. So I'm sorry, but this didn't make one lick of sense.

Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in his franchise return and newcomer Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) as heroine Sarah Connor, the movie received just 27% positive reviews from critics. USA TODAY's Brian Truitt awarded it * stars out of four, calling it "a movie (that's) just as ridiculous as the spelling of its subtitle." 041b061a72

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