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Tori Black Yoga

Jenna and Tori are doing yoga, their lush bodies gleaming in the morning sun and round bubble butts stretching. The exercise gradually turns more undressed, and they can't keep their eyes off each other. Soon enough Tori crawls over to Jenna to help her with her positioning, but you know she's just moments away from spreading Jenna's sweet pussy lips and licking her luscious cunt, followed by licking her perky tits and nipples. Jenna then gives Tori the same back, during the first half of the video. They are then joined by Mark Ashley and his big, hard dick for the second half. Already sexed up, the girls waste little time in getting his dick out and sharing it in a hot blowjob. Jenna also sits a little on his face for him to lick her while Tori's sucking his cock. Finally, Jenna bends over and has Mark fuck her doggy style, while Tori's getting her pussy licked. Next, it's Tori's turn to get fucked, as she rides Mark reverse cowgirl, while Jenna strokes her pussy. Continuing, Jenna rides cowgirl, and then they both suck his throbbing dick some more, getting all sloppy. Mark then fucks Jenna doggy style again before shooting his load over her sexy ass. Tori licks it up and the girls start kissing, sexy and hot. Not yet satisfied, Tori gets her pussy licked by Jenna until she orgasms. Both girls satisfied, they start kissing passionately, and we fade out...Jenna Haze Lesbian Porn Videos Jenna Haze Small Tits Porn Videos Jenna Haze Threesome Porn Videos Tori Black Lesbian Porn Videos Tori Black Small Tits Porn Videos Tori Black Threesome Porn Videos

tori black yoga



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