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Not a true web portal since it only acts as a gateway. Cameyo server has to be on the same network as application you want to serve. Its like a cloud mid migration platform. Its main application if you have legacy apps on prem and want these to be "web enabled" is to use the cameyo server on prem. If you dont want to setup your own physical server and use the cameyo cloud, it will be an additional cost. And you would have to re install your whole app on the cloud. You cannot operate your app both on the cloud or on prem. A solution was suggested that you can have the front end installed on the cloud and the db server installed on prem but the vpn connection from cameyo cloud to on prem db server is not easy and again has a cost. To summarize, easier to setup and on prem cameyo for legacy apps and then access using portal. Of course performance depends on your internet connection.



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