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Episode 15: To Tell The Truth

Of course, she's going to question if this confession is only occurring now due to Corey's return and her campaign because he wants to get ahead of it and tell her before she finds out some other way.

Episode 15: To Tell the Truth

Spencer: What made you change your mind?Billy: To be honest, your father.Spencer: What, he threaten to tell them?Billy: No, the exact opposite. He reminded me that you can't start the healing process until you're man enough to own your mistakes.

They'll realize that the secret wasn't theirs to tell and that it was better coming from their parents. Plus, if Layla's still afraid to go home, and she hasn't told Spencer, where is she going to sleep while Olivia is mad at her?

Billy: Hasn't all this hurt enough people already? It's been years, Spencer. I mean, what would telling my family accomplish now except bringing them more pain?Spencer: It might be easy for you to live in your house and lie to your family, but I can't. So you gotta tell them by the end of the weekend, or I will.

In Jessica's review of Chicago Fire Season 8 Episode 15, she mentioned that the crossover didn't find a cohesive way to meld these two shows, but I found that the transition between them was so seamless, it was hard to tell where Chicago Fire ended and PD began.

They have to carry it with them. Burgess has been pretending that she's fine because the pregnancy was unplanned, but that's just a lie she's been telling herself because she doesn't want to face the reality.

Burgess wanted to punish herself, she wanted Ruzek to punish her, and it was incredibly heartbreaking to see her tell him that as he didn't blame her for anything and understood what she did was purely instinctual and part of what makes them all love her so much.

Truth. Tears. Ambition. is the sixth and final episode of TOME's second season and the sixteenth episode overall, however, due to Episode 00's status as a prequel episode, all official sources list this episode as TOME Episode 15. As of yet, it is the finale for the entire series as a whole, as no plans for a third season have currently been finalized. This episode is also known as TOME Episode 15: TTA.

The episode begins with Alpha still having a panic attack while Kajet and the Dragon Bug clash in the background. Zetto logs back in via Netking privilages and over the corpse of his former avatar, Kirbopher, and says this was his biggest mistake. Alpha hears the statement and along with remembering things both Zetto and Kirbopher said, he realizes Zetto and Kirbopher are played by the same user. Alpha attacks Zetto out of anger and is able to grab Zetto. He demands to know why his friend would do this and Zetto responds he just wanted to help. Alpha is still angry but Zetto says he's sorry and Alpha backs down. Kizuna also arrives. After that Kajet and the Dragon Bug finally cancel each other out.

The three players, along with the five Netkings arrive at the site of destruction, a massive hole. Kizuna claims the two have been reduced to raw code and doesn't know what happened to Flamegirl. The remains of Kajet and the Dragon Bug are then concealed into two crystals with a mysterious figure taking the crystal into the site of destruction. Through a talk screen, it is revealed that Rubirules was the boss of D-Buggers and using both the virus and antivirus he'll control Softdti and use her as a springboard for a technological revolution. Zetto tries to convince Rubirules into stopping his plan but telling him Flamegirl is not responding and is possibily in a coma or dead, trapped inside the antivirus. Rubirules, believing it is a lie, conitnues ignoring the angry pleas of all the people still there. Rubirules ends the chat screen and Neomutant appears revealing that when the Netkings visited he and Flamegirl's high school, Rubirules asked him to code the antivirus. But as payback for Flamegirl not excepting his offer of dating, he coded the antivirus in a way it would mentally strain her and suggested her to Rubirules as the host of the antivirus. Rubirules does not know any of this information though which is the reason he didn't believe Zetto's plea. He then claimed, "the tramp had it coming just like I wanted." He proceeds to laugh, but Alpha launches an Orion Disk at him and logging him out. Alpha jumps into the hole and Zetto and Kizuna follow in, telling the Netkings not to shut down the server to not risk Flamegirl's safety. Rubirules arrives at where Softdi is sleeping in which Gamecrazed spawns and reveals that he is Softdi's "shadow" that would protect her from outside threats. She also reveals she did this to stop the hackers that were destroying her home. Rubirules and Gamecrazed fight, but Gamecrazed loses as Rubirules uses the virus and antivirus in successsion to defeat him. Gamecrazed is forced back into Softdi's core. Alpha, Zetto, and Kizuna arrive and Zetto pleads to Rubirules for him to stop. Rubirules continues and Kizuna transforms into Tigerlily to attack. Rubirules uses the virus and Kizuna is knocked out. Zetto uses the absorption power in his arm to attract the Forbidden Power to him. He gets it but is being effected in real life. Rubirules berates him saying he's a failure in response. Alpha then pleads to Zetto to give him the virus and Zetto does. Alpha speaks to Forbidden Power saying that they should work together. He claims that he has something worth fighitng for and that if the virus dies, it'll die a weakling. Instead it should die in the feeling it knows best, the feeling of battle. The two then work together. The result is Virus Fusion Alpha: an amalgamation of Alpha and Kajet. Equipped with an virus arm that looks like Kajet's head ,the strength of the virus, and his own mind and power, Alpha demands for Rubirules to hand over the Purple Flame. Rubirules responds by fusing himself with the antivirus to become a monsterous being known as "Monsterrubirules." Virus Fusion Alpha takes out this form resulting in Rubirules to become his base form. Rubirules claims Alpha is a monster but Alpha responds with "Which one of us is really the real monster here?" Rubirules then transforms into Alpha. The two clash but it ends with Rubirules extremely damaging Alpha by using the Dragon Bug's head to destroy the virus arm. Virus Fusion Alpha reverts back into his regular form and tries to convince Rubirules to let Flamegirl go. Rubirules says that he's going to change the world and won't. Alpha and Rubirules clash for the final time and Alpha wins. But the result is a massive antivirus blast that knocks out Alpha and frees Flamegirl.

The February 2020 Chicago Crossover Event is a two-part fictional crossover that exists within the Chicago television franchise. The event aired on NBC consecutively in two back-to-back one-hour timeslots on February 26, 2020. It began with "Off the Grid" of Chicago Fire and concluded with "Burden of Truth" of Chicago P.D. Both episodes followed a unified storyline of a former Chicago police officer returning to Chicago to search for his missing sister. Many actors in the franchise appeared outside of their main series guest starring in the other part of the crossover. The crossover event most notably featured the publicized return of former Chicago P.D. series regular Brian Geraghty who portrays Sean Roman and last appeared in the franchise in 2016.

Ambulance 61 is dispatched to a call, when they arrive they find multiple people down of suspected opioid overdoses. Squad 3 responds to assist when one of the victims is trapped. One of the victims boyfriend, Travis Butler, shows up but runs when questions start being asked. The Intelligence Unit starts investigating where the drugs came from and it is found all the victims have suffered from counterfeit Oxy. Casey offers to take Brett to meet her birth mom if she wants a friend to go along. Intelligence tracks down the boyfriend who agrees to help the police. Former Chicago P.D. officer Sean Roman shows up at Firehouse 51 looking for his sister Sarah, who was friends with the original victims, and went missing a week prior. Boden, Severide, Casey, Brett, Foster, along with Roman begin putting the pieces together. Boden tells his wife Donna, who is a teacher at the victims school, about the deaths who takes it hard. Brett takes Casey up on the offer and they go to meet her birth mother. Donna gets Severide and Roman a meeting with Sarah's best friend who points them to Sarah's boyfriend, Logan Peters. When Brett goes to the door of the address she was given she is told no one by that name lives there. Roman and Severide visit one of Roman's old connections from his days on the street. The two get held at gunpoint but take control of the situation and are pointed to where Peters spends time. After things begin to get dangerous Severide asks Roman to go to the police, when he refuses Severide refuses to continue with him and goes to Intelligence on his own who are all shocked by the news he's in Chicago. The next morning Brett's birth mother shows up at Firehouse 51, the two begin talking and her mother reveals that she is pregnant. Their meeting is cut short when the firehouse is dispatched to a house fire. Upon arrival shots are fired toward the first responders and Roman comes running out of the house. Roman informs them that Peters is inside the house and was firing at him. Casey and Severide go inside to search the house and find Butler suffering from a gunshot wound. Intelligence shows up at the scene of the house fire.

Neighbors identify Butler heading inside the house with a can of gasoline and is assumed to have started the fire. Roman reveals to Burgess that his sister has been dealing for Peters. Halstead and Upton head to the hospital to interview Butler where a fight breaks out between Butler's father and victims parents of the fire. Butler tells Intelligence that Peters is responsible for Sarah going missing. Burgess and Roman interview Peters' ex-roommates who identifies Sarah and points them to a lake house. At the lake house they find Sarah frozen to death under snow in the back yard. Roman visits his parents and he informs them that they found Sarah's body. DNA found under Sarah's fingernails matched to Peters. Running location history Intelligence tracked suspects history to a warehouse where Peters is found dead. Ruzek and Burgess talk through their feelings after losing the baby. A witness near the warehouse at the time of Peters murder identifies a black Range Rover driving away from the scene that points Intelligence towards a house where they find another suspect. Camera feeds reveal a blue Nissan driving away from the warehouse at the same time. Burgess re-questions the witness who identified the Range Rover but he doesn't recall seeing a blue Nissan. Platt finds out that the witness used to also be a former confidential informant of Roman's. Burgess also finds that Roman's cousin drives a blue Nissan. With signs of Peters murder pointing towards Roman, Burgess confronts him but he continues to say he had no involvement. Voight orders Intelligence to bring in the witness but he's cleared out his apartment. His landlady however tells Intelligence that he paid off his debt of three grand, Voight suggests pulling cameras from the bank to see who paid off the witness. Members of District 21 and Firehouse 51 attend Sarah's funeral. Following the funeral service Roman prepares to be taken in for murder but Voight looks the other way and lets him off the hook. 041b061a72

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