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Fake Prompt Screen - Prank Your Friends

Just choose a prank for the available options, enter in a little information, and hit go! The app will call them and sounds just like a real voice. It listens for them to talk and can interpret when it needs to respond with the next prompt on the script.

Fake Prompt Screen - Prank your friends


As a modern take on the classic prank soundboard, there are many other ways to invoke these sounds. You can tap on them and let them fly, or you could try something more detailed. Perhaps motion detection. Once you choose your sound, the app can use the accelerometer in your phone to detect when someone moves it. When they do, it will play your chosen audio.

The app has 99 different ring tones as well as 9 different stylized call screens. You can choose your preferred delay so that you can sit your phone down and not touch it when your famous friend calls in. This app is so easy to use with so many possibilities from harmless pranks to avoiding awkward social interactions.

As you know, passwords are hidden by default. If your friends have entered a password, just click on the password tab and right-click to Inspect Element. Now, change the text type from password to text. This action will reveal the hidden password, and you can make your friends think you did it with rigorous hacking.

In this Instructable i will show you how to make a few pranks on peoples computer using simple commands on notepad and cmd prompt.I MADE THIS INSTRUCTABLE TO ENTER THE APRIL FOOLS SPEED CONTEST SO PLEASE VOTE BY HITTING THE VOTE BUTTON AT THE TOP

Ok first we will start with the easy one, the fake warning message.This is how to do it:1.Open note pad2.Type this in@echo offmsg * Warning your computer has detected a virus.msg * To remove the virus click OK or close this boxmsg * Your Hard drives are now being formattedmsg * Please wait ...........msg * APRIL FOOLS3.Save the file as April-fools.BAT 4.Right click on the file and press hidden 5.Go to folder options and click show hidden files6.Cut the file and place it in the victims Start up folder in the start menu7.Go back to folder options and click do not show hidden files.Now what each of the lines you typed in done:@echo off

Now i am going to tell you how to make fake icons that will shutdown/ log off / restart the victims computer.When you make this use a 60 or more second time limit so the user has time to save all open work as if you do not it may make them angry and not so much a prank but with a time limit they have nothing to lose and will find it funny after. There is two ways to do this but the way i am going to show you is easiest:How to do it:1.Right click on the desktop in a blank space.2.Select new.3.Click where it says create shortcut4.Where it tells you to type a location type in one of the codes below:If you want there computer to shutdown type this in:shutdown -s -f -t 60 -c "type a message you want to appear here"If you want it to log them off type this:shutdown -l -f -t 60 -c "type a message you want to appear here"If you want it to restart there computer type this:shutdown -r -f -t 60 -c "type a message you want to appear here"5.Click OK and name it My Computer.6.Right click on the file you just made and click properties and look for where it says change icon.7.find the icon that is the same as the "my computer" icon8.change the icon and wait for the victim to open my computer, then it will shutdown / log off / restart.9.HINT: If you set the time limit to 0000 it will shutdown instantly, so they may think it was some els wrong with the computer and try again .......What each part of the code does:shutdown

Ok this only works on people that are not very smart with computers.This will make them think their computer has froze and (if they are not smart with computers) they will freak out.1.Close all open programs 2.Make sure you can see everything in the desktop print screen4.Open MS paint and right click and press the file in some where you can easily find it6.Go back to the desktop and right click, select arrange icons and click hide icons7.Right click on the start bar and click properties and click Auto-hide8.Goto the desktop and right click, select properties and click the desktop tab9.Click load background and find the file you saved.RESULTSNow the computer should look normal but you cannot click any icons or the start bar as they are just an image. To do this sneak onto a friends / school computer and it only takes 2 minutes!

Funny site before the weekend about fake update screens: fakeupdate Prank your friends and colleagues with fake update screens! Press F11 to go fullscreen Press ENTER to cause a BSOD You have the choice between the following operating systems: Windows

If you are like me sometimes, a lazy geek, you can now customize your bash prompt directly on a website. The author offers a way to generate the PS1 variable for your .bashrc file. You can drag and drop the

This is probably one of the best Windows 11 error pranks. And on top of that, it offers the option to modify the error prompt as you please, thus making it look believable and easily fooling your friends.

So, by now you already have a few tricks up your sleeve to fool your friends. Remember that to create a fake error, it should always look real and believable. Just make sure of that, and you are good to go.

Prank your friends by secretly opening this website on their computer while they're away. Wait for them to return and watch their reaction! ? Make sure you activate full screen to hide the address bar and browser frame.

Want to win the best Halloween prank of the year in your neighborhood? Then this DIY ghost hologram prank should be at the top of your list. All you need for this project is an invisible screen (you can use a transparent fabric) and your laptop, which will be the source of the ghost illusions and screams.

This is just a goofy and simple prank, and you can get as creative or not with it as you want. Use your judgement for what is appropriate or inapprorpiate given the target of your prank, but some silly ideas are the following:

Another variation of this prank involves taking a screenshot and setting that image as the desktop background wallpaper picture rather than the screen saver, which can be equally befuddling as someone attempts to interact with desktop elements, icons, windows, and apps that are simply a screenshot rather than anything actually interactive.

Lucky Winner is a foundation for many funny prank call ideas. This makes for a good prank call idea since you can switch up what the person was lucky enough to win in your prank. There is no wrong answer. However, the more ridiculous the prize, the funnier the prank will be.

This prank is more effective if you can pull off a sufficiently convincing radio host voice in your call. Bonus points if you can make it all the way through the trivia round without the person on the line figuring out the prank or before they hang up.

This funny prank works best if you can convince a friend to make prank calls with you. Call someone and ask them if a fake name is there. When the person says you have the wrong number, tell them when they call that you have a message for them.

If someone calls you with a prank call that threatens harm against you, your business, your employees, or your family, you can file a police report for threatening behavior and harassment. The police department is able to track phone records.

"@context":" ","@type":"FAQPage","mainEntity":["@type":"Question","name":"Is Prank Calling Illegal?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"Prank calling isn't generally illegal unless you make prank calls to harass someone repeatedly, frighten them, or threaten them. Most prank calls are harmless fun if performed well and they don't abuse the person being called.\n\nIt is illegal in some places to record a prank call, as this is considered illegal wiretapping. To avoid getting in trouble for prank calling, stick to prank-calling businesses or close friends.","@type":"Question","name":"What Can You Do About Prank Callers? ","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"If someone calls you with a prank call that threatens harm against you, your business, your employees, or your family, you can file a police report for threatening behavior and harassment. The police department is able to track phone records.\n\nThen the police can determine where a prank call originated in many cases. They're able to do so even if you don't have caller ID or the number is blocked. For people who often find themselves on the wrong end of prank calls, the best solution is to screen your calls with caller ID.\n\nBy only answering calls from people you know, you won't be exposed to prank calls or other scammers.","@type":"Question","name":"How Do You Find Out Who Sent a Prank Call?","acceptedAnswer":"@type":"Answer","text":"The easiest way to find out who sent you a prank call is to dial *69. When you dial this number, the phone will reconnect to the last phone line that was dialed.\n\nThis allows you to get the number of the person who called and report them for harassment if necessary."]

Command prompt tricks never gets old even in 2021 as these work as a magic in the windows operating system. All the below listed tricks for the knowledge purpose and please refrain from using it to harm anyone. All the tricks are manually validated and working well in windows 10 operating system. Do let us know your views in the comments section and we respect your views for sure.

If you were looking for fake error message text copy and paste examples, we hope this article has given you some ideas. Have fun playing practical jokes on your friends and annoying the spammers with these error messages! 041b061a72

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