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[S7E18] Baby, Baby, Baby

"Rock-a-bye baby, in the space dockWhen the core blows, the shuttle will rockWhen the hull breaks, the shuttle will fallAnd down will come baby, shuttle and all..."

[S7E18] Baby, Baby, Baby

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En route to a weekend getaway, surgeons Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) and Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) are involved in a vehicular collision, moments after Robbins proposes marriage. Torres suffers severe injuries, which endanger both her life and the life of her unborn child. She and Robbins are taken to Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, the institute at which they both work. Their colleagues attempt to save Torres, while Robbins and Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), the father of Torres's baby, stand by. Torres's many injuries include neurological trauma. While barely conscious, she hallucinates an uninjured version of herself standing beside her. The hallucinatory Torres begins to sing, and is gradually joined by the doctors treating her. This singing continues throughout the episode, as Torres's projection of herself attempts to reach out to Robbins.

Torres goes into cardiac arrest and is taken into an operating room she is temporarily stabilized, pending further surgery. She is moved into intensive care, while neonatal surgeon Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh) is flown in by helicopter in case the baby has to be delivered prematurely. Robbins and Sloan argue over Torres's treatment; Robbins believes that Torres would not risk endangering the baby, but Sloan argues for saving Torres at all costs. The attending surgeons devise a treatment plan, led by trauma surgeon Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd). As they do so, Torres dreams about the moments preceding the accident. Her dream self sings to Robbins, interspersed with shots of the hospital staff singing and dancing with their own partners. Dr. Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) suggests treating Torres with a high-risk but potentially effective cardiothoracic procedure she learned from her old mentor, Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington). Her current mentor, Teddy Altman (Kim Raver), refuses to perform it, but when Torres's condition deteriorates and she is rushed back into surgery, Hunt agrees that Yang should attempt the procedure.

Arizona is talking to Callie, saying Mark was right: legally, she's nobody to the baby, nor to Callie, even though she does feel like the baby's mother and Callie's wife. She begs Callie to live. Callie's spirit watches Arizona closely. Mark is outside, watching them. Addison comes over and advises him to go in and make peace with Arizona, as they both love Callie. Suddenly, Callie starts deteriorating. Addison and Mark rush in, and Addison orders a nurse to get an OR ready for them.

Meredith and Derek need to operate on Callie's brain again, while Cristina says she can still do the percutaneous repair. Owen agrees with her. He and Richard ask Teddy to stabilize the heart and to step back after. Meanwhile, Cristina prepares to do the procedure. As everyone keeps on operating, Mark and Arizona watch them closely. Derek manages to control the brain bleed, but Callie's heart has stopped beating. Callie's spirit is in the gallery, too. Addison gets ready to take out the baby. Mark runs out of the gallery. As he enters the OR, Addison just took out the baby, whom she hands over to Lucy. Arizona enters the OR, too. Alex helps Lucy, who can't get a heartbeat. They have to ventilate the baby and eventually intubate. Mark looks at Arizona and he nods. She then takes over from Lucy. As Arizona says she has a heartbeat, Richard tells them that Callie's heart is strong now, too.

Arizona is talking to Callie about their baby, who's small but fighting against all the complications. "She can't open her eyes yet, but I can tell, she's looking for you," Arizona says. Callie's spirit is stroking her own body's face. She's standing on the bridge inside the hospital. Later, she's watching Mark and her daughter in the NICU.

On Krypton, everything is exploding. A baby is crying and Brainiac tells him to hush. Brainiac takes a piece of crystal and holds it above the baby, Kal-El. Kara appears and grabs the piece that Brainiac is holding in his hands. Brainiac hits Kara away from him and tells her she will die along with Kal-El. Clark shows up and Brainiac is at first confused, then defensive and tells Clark that he can't stop him. Kara tells Clark that he has to get the baby, but Brainiac starts choking him. Brainiac says there is no yellow sun to help him and throws Clark to the ground. Suddenly, a piece of crystal appears through Brainiac's chest and he falls to the ground, showing Kara behind him. Clark rushes to put the baby in the ship and takes a moment to look at his younger self. Clark puts the baby in the ship and Kara tells him that they have to leave. Kara says that Brainiac is destroyed and they leave as Krypton and its Red sun blows up behind them with baby Kal-El's ship flying away safely to Earth.

When the Harrises celebrated the miracle of getting a healthy baby, after all, I expected a custody battle. Instead, Ingrid honored the contract but had a hard time turning the baby over to its biological parents.

After killing John and Heather Miller, her second set of victims, Margaret immediately breaks into the home of Brian and Gayle Gilbert hours afterward and coldly shoots both of them to death. The following morning, she calls Social Services and tries asking for an address, but the receiver puts her on a long hold and Margaret hangs up. Spotting a mother and her daughter, Margaret asks the mother if she can touch the girl before noticing the mother is pregnant, doting over that. The mother asks her to leave, which she does. Afterwards, Margaret approaches Sandra Montgomery, pretending to be a Social Service agent. Sandra invites her in, then she holds Sandra at gunpoint and forces her to find Johnny's file. She then forces Sandra to strip down and, after becoming enraged by the woman's praying, shoots her repeatedly. Using Sandra's file to find Karen Wilson, Johnny's next foster mother, she holds her and her baby, who is Johnny, at gunpoint in their car. Margaret forces Karen to drive off before calling Johnny by his name, only for Karen to state that the baby's name is Ben, possibly as means to protect him. Margaret isn't convinced, saying Karen changed the name, and gets her to pull over before shooting her. However, Karen survives and is taken to the hospital, while Margaret flees in another car with Johnny. It is revealed that at this point she is wearing Sandra Montgomery's dress and her necklace.

Sam and Dean take the box with the sake bottle to a Japanese restaurant and pay a waiter to translate the text on it. He says that according to the box, the sake bottle inside contains a shojo, an alcohol spirit. It also says, "What you took will be taken from you." They head back to Garth's motel room, where he's restrained Randy in the bath tub, and tell him about the shojo. After some research, they learn that the shojo can be controlled if it's contained in a spell box. Dale saw the brewery as his baby, and so he chose a spell box that would make the shojo kill his ex-partners' children and godchildren. The only thing that can kill a shojo is a samurai sword blessed by a Shinto priest, so Dean heads to a few pawn shops while Sam watches Marie, the only one of Jim McAnn's children still alive. 041b061a72

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