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Time Warner Cable Buy Modem

The ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 Cable Modem is an affordable option at $89. It is ideal for a cable internet service, but does not come with a VoIP telephone adapter or Wi-Fi router. The modem does have a gigabit Ethernet port where you can connect your router.

time warner cable buy modem

The ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 unit is $20 cheaper than the SB6183, but it remains a great cable modem option for Time Warner Cable. Like the model above, this one requires cable internet service and has no Wi-Fi router or VoIP adapter. It provides 343 Mbps download and 131 Mbps speeds, which are again affected by whatever data plan you have now.

This Linksys High-Speed Cable Modem is only $50 on Amazon, which is awesome for all bargain hunters out there. This can handle ISP plans of up to 100 Mbps. It has no telephone and voice ports like the others on this list, but it is a high-speed modem cable. Under its hood is the Intel Puma 5 chipset guaranteeing speedy downloading and uploading.

If your cable internet provider charges you an expensive modem rental fee every month, consider buying your own modem instead. A modem generally pays for itself in the first year of ownership, and most will give you speedy internet for years to come. After researching nearly 100 cable modems over the past six years, we recommend the Motorola MB7621 as the best cable modem for use with most internet service providers (ISPs) and internet plans.

If you have a gigabit or multi-gig internet plan and your ISP allows you to use your own modem, the Motorola MB8611 is the best of the DOCSIS 3.1 modems that are widely available right now, thanks to its relatively low price and two-year warranty. You need a DOCSIS 3.1 modem to guarantee gigabit speeds from most cable ISPs, and some ISPs like Sparklight recommend DOCSIS 3.1 modems for new cable modem activations.

The MB8611 supports gigabit internet plans (up to 1000 Mbps or 1 Gbps) as well as multi-gig plans (between 1.2 and 2.5 Gbps). It supports those faster speeds using a 2.5 GbE (2.5 gigabit Ethernet) port on its back panel, just above the usual coaxial (round Cable TV-style) cable. The modem's port will connect to older routers with 1 gigabit Ethernet ports up to single gigabit speeds, and newer routers and mesh networks with 2.5 GbE ports at 1.2 to 2.5 gigabit speeds.

Firstly, renting a modem from an ISP like Time Warner Cable means that you have to pay a monthly rental fee. This may seem like just a small fee at first, but in reality, it adds up in the long run. In fact, the cost of renting a modem for a year from Time Warner Cable is equivalent to buying your own modem outright in just over a year. This means that owning your cable modem can save you money in the long run.

Secondly, buying your own cable modem will provide you with a greater level of privacy and security. Using a rented modem means that multiple users have access to it. This means that anyone could potentially have access to sensitive information, such as your browsing history, login credentials and personal data. By buying your own modem, you can be sure that only you and people authorized by you will have access to its settings.

Finally, owning your own cable modem grants you the freedom and flexibility to choose the ISP that you want to use. With ISP rentals, you may find yourself locked into using their services, even if you are not satisfied with the quality of the service. By owning your own modem, you can shop around for the best deals and choose the ISP that suits your needs best.

On March 16, 2010, Time Warner Cable's transmission of their Kids on Demand and Kids Pre-School on Demand channels on systems in eastern North Carolina was interrupted by programming from the adult pay television channel Playboy TV for approximately two hours between 6:15 a.m. and 8:15 a.m./EDT, in which a group of nude women talked and posed in a sexually suggestive manner.[47] This accidental display affected Time Warner Cable's digital cable subscribers in four towns in the system's eastern North Carolina cluster, while other areas displayed a black screen. A Time Warner Cable spokesperson said in a statement to Raleigh CBS affiliate WRAL, "It was a technical malfunction that caused the wrong previews to be shown on our kids' on-demand channels. Unfortunately, it hit at the worst possible time on the worst possible channels."[48] A Time Warner Cable executive said normal monitoring procedures did not take effect because the glitch affected only a few areas.[49]

Answer. This question comes up every time a cable operator bumps up its monthly rate to lease a cable modem. This time around, it's Time Warner Cable. It began informing subscribers late last month that its fee would go from $3.95 to $5.99 a month, not even a year after it began charging rent on modems it had been handing out for free.

But you don't have to pay any of those charges. While a good 15 years of trying have yet to result in cable-TV viewers being able to buy their own boxes, we do have a standard for cable modems, DOCSIS (short for "Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification").

Most Time Warner Cable broadband customers across the country will soon pay a $3.95 a month cable-modem lease fee in an effort by the cable operator to boost revenue by as much as $300 million annually.

Last year, Time Warner began gradually rolling out a $2.50 modem rental fee for new customers, but exempted current ones. Now the cable operator has increased the rental fee and intends to impose it on everyone except Starter Internet, Connected Learning, SignatureHome and certain IntelligentHome customers.

Many customers will elect to buy their own cable modem, but the cable company has severely limited its approved device list in many areas to just a single manufacturer: Motorola Mobility, despite still leasing out often less-costly models from seven other manufacturers.

Time Warner Cable (and Stop the Cap!) recommends all customers who plan to buy modems choose a DOCSIS 3 model for future compatibility. The company has switched out cable modems for customers at least twice over the decade plus history of cable broadband service. If history holds, the estimated useful life for a DOCSIS 2 cable modem will probably be five years or less before future standards make them obsolete. DOCSIS 2 modems are not capable of supporting the fastest broadband speeds, while DOCSIS 3 modems often cost just a little more.

Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Cable Modem ($117): The 6580 includes built-in gigabit Ethernet and a Wireless-N router, so it theoretically could replace your home router. My personal experience with cable modem-router combinations has been less than glowing, however. Consider this only if you do not already have a Wireless-N router. This model gets overall good, but not excellent reviews.

Motorola Surfboard SB5101 Cable Modem ($50): This workhorse DOCSIS 2 cable modem has been around since 2003 and is popular with cable companies and customers, with a proven track record of performance. But it is not DOCSIS 3-capable, which means its useful life may be shortened as cable broadband standards continue to evolve.

Some readers are finding used/refurbished cable modems that work perfectly fine on Craigslist and eBay. There is generally nothing wrong with these, unless they happen to be stolen or unreturned modems that really belong to Time Warner Cable, which will in turn not activate them. Be careful.

This is amusing. I get a new modem each time the cable guys come over to fix my packet loss /ingress scan issues. So, now that I will have to pay, I will now call them for a new modem weekly as they have yet to solve my 68-98% packet loss problems. Also, demand they keep my retention plan reduced pricing in full force on top of my credit requests for not having service 24/7.

thanks for info. that is crazy though because TWC will not actually see any benefits from users who buy a modem but keep the old device for phone service. They dont get it back and dont get a lease fee but they force me to buy a new modem. They should really just waive teh fee for phone service users. I would drop teh phine service for vonage or another competitor if they didnt take like a month to switch my phone number over. I wish I could get cable modem service from anyone else in Brooklyn. /sigh.

I am up and runing the SB6121 find without a problem on time warner cable internet. I lied and told them it was model MotorolaSB6141. they ran it as if it was the SB6141 and as far as i know i am up and runing fine. they dont know the truth so this model works if you want to lie and say it is what it is not. dont let them bull you.

A leading manufacturer of retail cable modems, Zoom Telephonics Inc. in Boston, wants the Federal Communications Commission to reject the deals because of the cable modem policy. And if not, Zoom wants a condition for approval to require that Charter separate its cable modem rental fee so customers who buy their own devices can get a break on their bills.

The typical cable modem rental fee industrywide runs $4 to $12 a month. Time Warner Cable, for instance, charges subscribers a monthly $8 rental fee, but waives the fee if they use their own modem. About 14% of its 11.4 million subscribers use their own modem, the company said.

Schwartzman said it would be difficult to stay on existing plans with the cable modem discount after Charter takes over because any change customers make in services would require them to switch to a Charter plan.

A lawsuit filed earlier this year against Time Warner Cable is a reminder that buying your own modem and router, is nearly always a better idea than renting the devices from your cable company. On average, Americans spend more than 100 dollars each month on their cable bill. But Consumer Reports says you can save about 10% a month if you buy your modem or router instead of renting.

If you're renting a router, you're probably paying anywhere from $5 to $10 a month or up to $120 a year. You can buy a very good router for $100 to $150 so you're gonna pay for it in the first year. A lot of times the router that you're gonna get from the cable company doesn't have the latest technology. So it may not perform as well as one that you buy yourself. 041b061a72

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