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MIT Mini Cheetah Made And Improved In China

Not only can the mini cheetah cover more than 12 feet in one second, the dog-sized robot can also learn to adapt to different terrains and respond appropriately to its environment. In case you were wondering, real life cheetahs, by comparison, can top out at about 85 feet per second.

MIT Mini Cheetah Made And Improved In China


The mini cheetah can gain the equivalent of 100 days worth of experience on diverse terrains in three hours. With each experience, be it slippery ice patch or a gravel patch, the machine can continue to learn and adapt over time.

Then, the experiment was carried to the real world by using a set of wooden planks. They made a physical terrain and tested their control system with the mini cheetah, and it successfully traversed 90 percent of the terrains.

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