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US Renews Pressure On UK Over Huawei In 5G Networks ##TOP##

The US Government has no authority to impose its views on the rest of the world, as US imperialism had caused a lot of pain and tragedy worldwide in not so distant past (Vietnam, Guatemala, El Salvador, etc.).On the other hand, while not being an expert on the possibilities of the Chinese Government, via Huawei 5G networks, to spy on societies outside China, I believe that extreme caution is called for in view of the very alarming reports about the methods of the Chinese Government toward the Uighur society in its own country:

US Renews Pressure On UK Over Huawei In 5G Networks

But the company has come under fire in Britain since a government report in July last year found that technical and supply-chain issues with its equipment had exposed national telecoms networks to new security risks.

In London, NATO formally adopted an October 2019 plan by NATO defense ministers to update the alliance's baseline requirements for civilian telecommunications to reflect emerging concerns about 5G technology.21 The allies agreed to assess the risks to communications systems associated with cyber threats, and the consequences of foreign ownership, control, or direct investment. Although the EU is attempting to develop common guidelines to govern contracting decisions on 5G networks, these decisions would remain the prerogative of individual national governments.

As noted above, U.S. officials have warned European allies and partners that using Huawei or other Chinese 5G equipment could impede intelligence sharing with the United States due to fears of compromised network security. Although some allies, such as the UK and Germany, have said they would not prevent Chinese companies from bidding on 5G contracts, these allies have stressed that they would not contract with any companies that do not meet their national security requirements.22 On January 28, 2020, the UK government announced that "high-risk vendors" including, but not limited to, Huawei, would be excluded from sensitive "core" parts of 5G networks and locations deemed critical national infrastructure, and that such vendors' access to nonsensitive parts of networks would be limited to 35%.23 Other countries, such as Poland, have considered formally excluding Huawei from their telecommunications sector, and Czech Republic intelligence officials publicly labeled Huawei a national security risk.24

Britain granted Huawei a limited role in its future 5G networks in January, but Prime Minister Boris Johnson has since come under renewed pressure from Washington and some lawmakers in his own party who say the company's equipment is a security risk.

[4] Note, the only member of the partnership who has not formally banned the company from its networks is Canada. -canada-huawei-analysis/canada-has-effectively-moved-to-block-chinas-huawei-from-5g-but-cant-say-so-idUSKBN25L26S

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On May 12, 2021, President Biden signed a sweeping Executive Order (EO) to protect federal government networks and software supply chains against increasing threats of attacks from malicious cyber actors, setting the stage for future rulemaking and amendments to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) focusing on IT and software sold to the government.

In October 2018 the US Department of Justice named Hezbollah one of the top five transnational criminal organisations in Latin America. The Drug Enforcement Administration led an effort to undercut Hezbollah financing from illicit drug sources, known as Operation Cassandra. Within Cassandra was Operation Perseus, targeting the Venezuelan syndicate. The effort uncovered links between two important Hezbollah financiers, directly related to Nasrallah, and cutouts connected to Maduro. Venezuela under Maduro is a hub for the convergence of criminal and terrorist networks that fund Hezbollah, loot Venezuela, and destabilize both the Western Hemisphere and the Middle East. Getting Maduro and his cartel out of power and restoring Venezuela to democracy, will not only end the horrible suffering of 32 million people, a newly free Venezuela will deal a significant blow to Hezbollah operational capabilities. That is a diplomatic win-win if ever there was one.

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