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Vuze: The Best Way to Search, Open and Download Torrents on Your Computer

if you don't have an internet connection, or want to pause/cancel an internet download, select the torrent you want to download and click the 'pause' button. this will show an embedded window. this window contains buttons to pause the download, get on with it or cancel the download. note that the torrent name doesn't appear within the pause dialog (those are the same buttons as when you pause a download via the web ui)

how to search for torrents using vuze

Download File:

when you've paused/cancelled a download, or have installed the download, click the 'finish downloading' button in the embedded window to resume the download. if the download completes, it is shown within the downloads window.

vuze inherits the options, which control how the gui is shown, by the browser which hosts this plugin. the vuze firewall user interface is a remote control plug-in - which is why you have to install the browser-aware ports (usually socks) separately. if you have multiple firewalls installed, for example if you are using a router with opendns, you may need to configure each firewall so that the appropriate ports are exposed on each interface.

the browse function can be used to look for bittorrent files which are not currently open, or which are open. to do this, look for a 'resume' button (the default, if you start a download), 'show in browse' option or link. note that the internet connection isn't required for a browse, and you can 'browse offline' so that no internet connection is needed. browsing can only be used when the download is in progress.

if you have multiple local torrent downloads open within vuze (or another application) you can choose to append a site-specific file name to a chosen download as it's downloading. this lets you have the same file name for multiple installations, and you can more easily distinguish between different installations.

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